The IIAF has been committed to the development of anti-fraud related professional skill certification, to promote practitioners to gradually master the most advanced anti-fraud theory, practice and method in the world. At present, it has launched certified anti-fraud professional and other examination certification.

The certified Anti-Fraud Professional (CAP) exam is a global qualification exam held by the International Institute of Anti-Fraud (IIAF). At present, the examination language includes English, Chinese, etc. The IIAF examination certification committee is responsible for the examination and marking. The examination is divided into two parts: anti-fraud theory and anti-fraud practice. Under the guidance of "theory tutor + professional tutor", those who pass all two examinations will be awarded the title of " Certified Anti-Fraud Professional " by the international anti-fraud Association and awarded the cap qualification certificate in Chinese and English. The CAP certificate is an anti -fraud expert logo that can be used worldwide and is a model of global application in China. Obtaining this qualification means mastering the most advanced international anti-fraud theories and methods, and understanding China's best practices against fraud. It has strong competitiveness in anti-fraud theory and practice.