About the IIAF

International Institute of Anti-Fraud (IIAF) is an international organization dedicated to the education of global anti-fraud system standards, knowledge, skills, and talents. It focuses on internal audit, supervision, risk management, and internal control, legal affairs, compliance and other functions, and leads the new governance standards and anti-fraud research.


Certified Anti-Fraud Professional(CAP)

The Certified Anti-Fraud Professional (CAP) exam is a global qualification exam held by the International Institute of Anti-Fraud (IIAF). At present, the examination language includes English, Chinese, etc. The IIAF examination certification committee is responsible for the examination and marking. The examination is divided into two parts: Anti-Fraud Theory and Anti-Fraud Practice. Under the guidance of "Theory Tutor + Professional Tutor", those who pass all two examinations will be awarded the title of " Certified Anti-Fraud Professional " by the International Anti-Fraud Association and awarded the cap qualification certificate in Chinese and English. The CAP certificate is an anti-fraud expert logo that can be used worldwide and is a model of global application in China. Obtaining this qualification means mastering the most advanced international anti-fraud theories and methods, and understanding China's best practices against fraud. It has strong competitiveness in anti-fraud theory and practice.

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